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New and Intrigued

BeitragVerfasst: Di Jan 05, 2010 11:41 pm
von ErepeDarRab

I have heard some positive stuff about this website so I have been cruising for a while as a guest just reading posts etc.

Anyway, I have just actually joined and hope to contribute something useful to the community :)

I hope that "Webseiten News" is the right forum place to post this introduction in, if not, please let me know..

Best wishes

Re: New and Intrigued

BeitragVerfasst: Mi Jan 06, 2010 8:47 am
von Garrett
Hello ErepeDarRab and welcome to our littel german Midkemia community. The Board "Webseiten News" is in the mean thing vor News about the Website
Where are you from ErepeDarRab?

Re: New and Intrigued

BeitragVerfasst: Sa Jan 09, 2010 7:22 pm
von Stefan
Ich glaube, das war ein Bot.. Genauso wie die das andere Posting über Nixon und das übers Augen lasern.

Falls nicht, kann sich ErepeDarRab ja gerne noch mal melden... :D

Hi ErepeDarRab, are you a bot or a real person? If not a bot, feel free to register yourself
and post in the corrsepondig forum. This sub-forum is only for website annoucements.

Best wishes,